booting up nci


I decided to start a weblog, most static blog generators seem bloated and I didn't see the point in writing my own. I came across nci while lurking some /tech/ posters' websites, I recommend you check nokoru's weblog too.

it uses nano by default, I'd like to change it to (neo)vim so I can have proper line limit (80 chars) and whatever other options I use. I don't consider myself a "proper" vim user even though I use it for everything, it's more of a love-hate relationship...

I don't know what the default style looks like, but I'll be stealing nokoru's front-end anyway (I hope that's fine). I'd like to thank adurian for helping me out with the colors as well, I always sucked at web design.

I'd like if nci added support for a templating engine of choice to avoid having to copy/paste and maintain multiple copies of the same thing. editing posts is somewhat troublesome because you have to manually delete the post under articles folder, from your main html page and the rss file but I don't mind it much. I may try to automate that in the future.

I noticed that writing html inside the markdown entry does not get parsed which is odd because it should. I'll create an issue for that, you never know when you need it!

possibly check files' md5 before deleting/uploading them too so you don't have to overwrite everything, saves both time and ~~net usage~~.

I understand the html behind this weblog is somewhat inconsistent, I may update it in the future but for now it will remain as it is unless you, the reader, want to write a replacement.

thanks for coming across this webpage, I hope you like it here.